Electrical Accessories

The Company founded with the vision of catering the requirements of Soar Technology (Pvt) Ltd by way of providing renowned, Quality Electrical Accessories and instruments. The Company is representing High Quality Global Brands in the Sri Lankan Market and is now catering to many Industrialists through a dedicated Engineering team.

Deepsea – UK – Generator Control modules

Deepsea have been specialising in the Design and Manufacture of Control, Monitoring and Protection Modules for the Power Generation Industry for more than 30 years.

DSE Extensive range of products include modules designed for a wide Variety of Applications. DSE have solutions from basic, manual and autostart modules through to comprehensive load share modules designed to synchronize multiple generating sets.

Features of Deep Sea Generator Control Modules

  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to install and configure to any make of power generator
  • Designed to use with standard and Electronic ( CAN Compatible) engines
  • The module has been designed to combine 16 generators
  • Can be integrated in to new and existing BMS systems
  • Remote control and monitoring facility
  • In built synchronizer and load sharer with synchro-scope
  • Built in Governor and AVR control
  • Soft load transfer ( No power interruptions )
  • 4 Line back lit LCD for parameter display
  • Parameter adjustment from front panel or via PC
  • PIN Number protected
  • Engine exercise timer
  • Generator fault history event log
  • Full engine and alternator protection
  • Send SMS messages to engineer on specific gen-set faults
  • Configurable inputs and outputs

Minilec – Control & Protection Relays

  1. Alarm Annunciators
  2. Phase failure relays
  3. Over current relays
  4. Earth fault relays
  5. Timers
  6. Liquid level Controllers
  7. Pump Controllers

Murphy – Generator Gauges and Senders

  1. Volt meters
  2. Ameters
  3. Oil pressure gauges
  4. Oil temperate gauges
  5. Coolant temperate gauges
  6. Tachometers
  7. Senders and gauges

Rishabh – Metering & Measuring Instruments

  1. Analog panel meters
  2. Digital panel meters
  3. Synchroscopes
  4. Multi-function meters
  5. Power quality analyzers
  6. Clip on meters
  7. Mega-tester
  8. Current transformers
  9. Transducers
  10. Touch screen power quality analyser

SPS-AVR and Battery Chargers

  1. AVR – Automatic Voltage Regulator for Any Make of Generators
  2. Generator Battery Chargers